More Information About My Amazing Recovery

I posted yesterday after a long hiatus.  I now want to start passing on the details of my astounding recovery to those of you still looking for methods to improve your life.


Yesterday I wrote about my doctor, Dr. William Pawluk, who gets all the credit for bringing me back to the living. He is an amazing, intuitive naturopathic healer who has come up with a combination of natural healing remedies and conventional prescriptions—

although only when absolutely necessary and at the lowest possible does.

He started out by having me take a raft of supplements to fill in the nutrition gaps, and to repair those things that had been depleted from years of intense pain.  He suggested basic blood tests to see if I was deficient in anything obvious.  I ended up taking more than 20 supplements a day, some for pain, others were nutritional supplements, and others were prescribed for sleep issues.

After a few months on this regimen I began to see a slight difference. We then moved on to pulsed magnetic therapy, with an Almag machine, which is an amazing device. I’ve written about this in past posts, and you’ll see in those posts that I received much pain relief and increased energy from religious use everyday.

Dr. Pawluk then decided to tinker with my borderline thyroid issues. He gave me two very small dose prescriptions for something that addressed both T-3 and T-4 deficiencies. It is amazing. In a couple of weeks I was a new person.  After changing the doses slightly, twice, I’ve come to the perfect combination and have more energy than I have had in my entire life.

Dr. P. also added a very low dose of hydrocortisone to the mix, which has “erased” the residual pain. The dose is so low that I don’t gain weight (as a matter of fact I’ve lost so much weight I’ve gone down 6 dress sizes) and I don’t have to urinate all the time.  Low dose but high gain, I’d say!

The next issue he addressed is food allergies. I had blood tests taken to determine what foods I’m allergic to. I could only afford one of the expensive blood tests, so we just tested for an immediate reaction to foods and spices. There is another series of tests that would determine the foods I’m allergic to that cause a delayed reaction. Maybe one day, when I find a full time job.  I discovered that I am mildly to moderately allergic to about 40 items. I cut out the most problematic immediately, like eggs, milk and wheat, and now I am almost pain free. I didn’t know how lousy I felt until I stopped eating these things. The pain is GONE, my asthma is GONE, my crunchy eyes, itchy skin, stomach and gut pain — ALL GONE.

Onward and upward is my motto for the New Year.  I’ll keep posting with my progress.  By the way, I ate a cookie at Christmas and was up all night with the most intense gut pain.  It was the combination of wheat, eggs, milk and sugar in one cookie whammy.  Never again, I’ve learned my lesson.

By the way, the painting at the top is called “Lima” and was painted by my artist husband, James Hennessey, in the 1980s.  I looked at it the other day and was reminded about my resolve to travel as much as possible in the New Year.

You can see two more of his beautiful paintings at:


I Feel Amazing and Want to Share the Details

I can’t believe how good I feel after years of suffering from acute pain.  I haven’t posted in a long time, because I’ve been busy and feeling great. And, I didn’t want to jinx my success.  It seemed that if I posted I might slip back into the abyss. However, I feel I need to share my good fortune with everyone out there who is still suffering from fibro and all of the related issues that make life unbearable.

Just over a year ago I started consulting with a naturopathic doctor, and I give him all the credit for my success.  It’s not that I don’t hurt at all, it’s that it is more than tolerable now. Most days I don’t even notice the minor pains I experience — twinges that would happen now and then to the healthiest person in their 60s.  I do have residual damage — like my knees that I can’t straighten!!!  I’ve lost 2 inches in height because of this and a lot of mobility.  No getting on my knees (except when the tax man brought me down on them, ha), no doing certain exercises because of loss of flexibility, and no bike riding at this point.

I try not to lament the lost years — decades — and concentrate instead on what I can do now. This is another reason I haven’t posted. I don’t want to slip back into negative thinking.  I’m now capable of working, of getting through the day without wishing I could just disappear, and I’m looking forward to finding a full-time job.  I’m working half time at this point, but only because the economy is wretched and I’m in my 60s.  I’m an art historian, and I was the consultant for a major, historic house project, but unfortunately the grant came to and end after 2 years.  I worked on this project while getting better, and because I worked locally, often at home on the computer, I was able to pull together the project while working about 20 hours per week. I even managed to travel to Washington, New York and Boston, although I limped through many of those research institutions. Too bad I didn’t feel as great as I do now.  Wow, I would have accomplished so much more.  Now I have a not so thrilling job, and it’s only 19 hours per week at bad pay. But, hey, it’s a job and I have to be grateful.  Anyone need an art historian out there?

Well, I’m off to work on eBay, where I sell antiquarian books.  Check out this link to see the new antique school books I’ve acquired:

Help Sleep Apnea With Weight Loss

This is the 19th day of my diet and I’ve lost a little more than 10 pounds!!  I suspect 5 pounds of this is water, so I’m being realistic and admitting that I’ve probably lost 5 pounds of fat.

I took a basal metabolism test a couple of months ago that revealed I burn 1,300 calories at rest.  So, if I eat between 800 and 1,200 calories I should lose something.  I want to exercise, which will increase the number of calories I burn each day, but we are in the middle of a heat wave.  It has been over 95 degrees for weeks, and yesterday was 104!!!  Who says there is no global warming?

If we ever get out of this heat slump, I’ll start walking my dogs farther, and I also plan to take my bicycle out of mothballs.  There is a large parking lot near my house and my plan is to circle the lot until I work up enough energy to take the bike on the road.  Cooler weather will really kick start further weight loss.

I’ve been using the Midfast diet plan, which includes pre-packaged low calorie foods that you eat 5 times per day and then you eat a small meal of protein and green vegetable for the sixth meal.  It is simple and seems to be working. I’m also still taking all my supplements, which means I’m ingesting more than enough nutrients.  The only drawback is that it is made of soy protein, but who cares, I want to be thin again and I’m doing so many other things to boost my health that a few months of soy won’t hurt me in the long run.

I plan to update my weight loss and hope that some of you will chime in with your own weight loss stories and perhaps a few words of encouragement.  Onward and upward!

Sleep Your Way To Better Health



I am working on my sleep issues that include sleep apnea and narcolepsy.  I’ve also begun a strict diet and when I lose weight I hope to experience improved sleep.  Click this link for recent articles about sleep deprivation in the Science Daily blog:

I’ve realized that longer and deeper sleep will help with the pain from fibro, something I’ve been working on for about a year, with great success. I’ve reached a plateau, however, and so I’m looking for ways to “tweak” my improvement.

More about the diet in the next post.

Fibro Pain Gets Better and Better: Hello Spring!


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Image   I have had a great month vis-a-vis fibro pain, which has decreased a lot. This improvement is due to a number of things that I’ve been doing, thanks to Dr. Pawluk, my new holistic doctor who finds out what is wrong with his patients and then deals with those issues, rather than simply treating symptoms.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I have an underactive thyroid. The very small dose of prescription meds that I take to ramp up my thyroid has had a drastic impact on my energy levels. So has the very low dose of hydrocortisone, which I take for arthritic pain.  These meds have had a profound impact on me, yes, but I believe much of the improvement is due to the supplements I take each day.

I’ve been taking these supplements since late November, and it has been a slow, but distinct path toward wellness.  I am amazed at the difference in my energy levels, and in the difference in my digestion.  I’ve also been lucky enough to avoid all colds and flu, until I recently picked up a bacterial infection from a friend. Even that ran its course and dissapeared, rather than dragging on for months, as it would have in the past.

The most impressive changes have come from the “Almag,” machine–the pulsed magnetic therapy I do each day.  My Almag has four pulsating magnets that I place on my back, along the spine. If I have a specific problem, like my torn rotator cuffs, I position the magnets on that spot and spend at least 1/2 treating the problem area.  I believe the machine has increased my overall well being  and has given me back much of the energy I used to have. It has also decreased a lot of the arthritic pain and I can now walk and move as well as I did 20 years ago.

Thanks Dr. Pawluk!!!

Bad to the Bone: Testing DMSO For Immediate Pain Relief


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I wrote a post on the 15th about DMSO as a benign and effective delivery system for vitamin B-12. I tested it by dissolving pure B-12 in DMSO and applied it to the skin. The result was immediate and profound.  I felt great!!

Encouraged by this I began to research other uses for this amazing substance and discovered the most popular is DMSO applied as a painkiller.  It is especially good for acute injuries such as cuts, burns, sprains and breaks.   I broke my toe on March 1st and was in a lot of pain–that jarring/vibrating ache you get when you fracture a bone. I’ve been rubbing DMSO on the toe and it works. Almost no pain and I’m able to walk without limping, as long as my foot is encased in a shoe. I’m amazed at how effectively the DMSO has reduced the ache.

My poor toe was also seriously lacerated–the nail slashed and split– and the nail now sits on top of the mush that used to be the end of my second toe.  I decided to apply DMSO directly to the wound and the foot.  What did I have to lose? The pain relief was immediate and has continued to improve after each application. I could barely walk before the DMSO treatment and was forced to elevate my foot for much of the day. Now I’m walking normally.

I’ve read about DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide, and know that it has been both lauded by enlightened physicians and castigated by the FDA.  It is very cheap to produce, and therefore a substance the drug companies don’t want the mainstream medical community to utilize. It was first identified in the mid nineteenth century and its versatile capabilities were immediately studied.  It is also very benign and has no side effects, other than a mild burning sensation if you   have sensitive skin.  Pure DMSO also has a slightly garlicky odor, an annoying drawback, but one that is easy to live with given its efficacy.

Since using this incredible liquid, I’ve walked my dogs several times a day without any pain.  The toe is still a mess–crooked with a smashed nail–but it no longer hurts if it isn’t bent or rubbed hard by my shoe.  I was able to go to New York City last week and hike about with no limitations.  The DMSO also had a generalized pain relieving effect and so my hip joints and knees also gave me no trouble. Amazing!

For more information see:

Going It Alone: GAPS Without the Spouse


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I’m moving on.  I can’t believe my husband’s response to the GAPS diet food list, which is very extensive.  He read the diet synopsis I had left on the kitchen table, ran up stairs and said, “Where are the crackers.” I said, “No crackers since we won’t be eating grains and other carbs.  Crackers aren’t on the GAPS list.” In a whiny voice he lamented, “But I can’t eat cheese without crackers.” Can you believe it? I was astonished and disappointed at the silliness. First of all, it is possible to eat cheese without eating crackers, and more importantly, there shouldn’t be cheese in my husband’s GAPS diet since he is severely lactose intolerant, and cheese gives him diarrhea!  This is the reason for doing GAPS in the first place.  He has NO COLON–he survived colon cancer. He has one lung–he also survived lung cancer. And, he has a lot of inflammation and is pre-diabetic, has high blood pressure and more.  He needs GAPS. He needs GAPS more than I do. But, there will be no GAPS for him.  He’s too petulant and childish and has absolutely no will power. So sad. I’m afraid I’m moving on.

Yes, I just give up. Some people aren’t willing to make the slightest effort to work on their health problems and I’m tired of it all.  This morning I gave my husband some of the “bone broth” I made yesterday.  He turned up his nose and gagged down about a half cup.  I added a couple of pounds of browned beef chunks and some garlic cloves to the pot and then baked the broth and meat in the oven for an hour and a half.  The new broth was rich and delicious and the meat tender. It smelled incredible. I offered H some of this newly improved broth and he turned up his nose again and refused to try it.  Like I said, I just give up. I’m sitting here in tears because I now realize my husband, the love of my life, is on his way out. He’s hopeless and I’m going to be alone.

I plan to continue with the GAPS diet on my own.  I have had such success with the things I’ve done recently to improve my fibro pain.  I am allergic to eggs, milk, wheat and a slew of vegetables.  I’ve given them up and see a tremendous difference.  We went to New York this week and I was able to walk without much pain, had lots of energy and realized there was a bounce in my step again. I’m not saying I wasn’t tired and didn’t hurt at all, but I was capable of walking blocks and blocks and spent hours trucking through the galleries in the MET. I haven’t been able to do this in decades.  I remember a trip to New York in 1998.  I cried because I hurt so much that I couldn’t even hobble around the museum.  I sat in a wheel chair and my husband pushed me from room to room. Even that hurt.

Well, I suppose I’ll have to give up trying to help this person I love so much. It just isn’t happening, no matter how much effort I put into cooking and cajoling him into taking supplements, etc.  It is all falling on deaf ears.

So be it. So sad.

Beginning the Intro GAPS diet on Monday, ’till then…


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I just ordered two books for the GAPS diet that should make cooking and meal planning easier.  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” will help me to fully understand the diet, and the recipe book “Internal Bliss” has lots of ideas for the later stages of the diet.

In the next couple of days I plan to make several “bone” soups that will be staples in the first few weeks of our GAP plan.  The diet begins officially on Monday and so we are consuming all the “bad” foods in our refrigerator this weekend.  In the beginning I’ll make the soups in large quantities so we can freeze the meat and broth to make the diet as convenient as possible.  We’ll add freshly cooked vegetables day by day, and thereby increase the variety and flavors.

My husband had his colon removed because of cancer more than 20 years ago, and so his tolerance of many foods is low.  Our eating will be even more complicated by my food allergies, which include eggs, chicken, milk, wheat and many vegetables. This should be a challenge!

For now, I’ll stick to organic beef and lamb for most of the soups and the fish counter at our local Whole Foods will offer enough options to keep us happy.  I’ve already decided that variety will make the diet a success, since it is clear that boredom is the downfall of most people who don’t stick to GAPS.

If anyone has recipes to share, please pass them on.  I’m looking forward to our new food adventure and to more good health.  GAPS for fibromyalgia is well documented and so I’m expecting to feel the benefits in the first few weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

The GAPS diet for natural gut healing


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I’ve decided to give the GAPS diet a try.  This method of natural digestive healing (GAPS–Gut and Psychology Syndrome–diet) was created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  A strict food program is followed for at least a year, and hopefully better digestion and a healed gut is the end result.  For information about the diet, about Dr. Campbell-McBride, for recipes and more visit the website.

I know that many fibro sufferers have digestive issues and over the years I’ve noticed that most of my fibro friends have IBS or other serious digestive concerns. When looking for solutions there is little help offered to people who deal with these debilitating problems each day.  Those of us who find it impossible to eat without immediate negative consequences — from simple bloating to severe pain and diarrhea — would like help and the GAPS diet appears to offer hope.

If anyone has had success using the GAPS diet, I hope you’ll post about your experiences.  I plan to share recipes as soon as I figure out how to mesh the GAP with my many food allergies.

DMSO, Vitamin B-12 and Pain: Deliver Vitamins Topically


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There are many deficits that contribute to fibromyalgia pain.  A significant one for me is low vitamin B-12, which my doctor discovered because I have high homocysteine levels. This is not good and can lead to senility, heat attacks and more.  Yes, I did put the keys in the refrigerator this morning!!

An informative article that tells you how to make your own supply of topical B-12 was written recently by Dr. Mercola. You can find it via this link:

Has anyone tried this method of B-12 intake?  I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions.  I’ve also been taking sub-lingual B-12, which is supposed to absorb more efficiently than a pill or capsule.