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I’ve decided to give the GAPS diet a try.  This method of natural digestive healing (GAPS–Gut and Psychology Syndrome–diet) was created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  A strict food program is followed for at least a year, and hopefully better digestion and a healed gut is the end result.  For information about the diet, about Dr. Campbell-McBride, for recipes and more visit the gapsdiet.com website.

I know that many fibro sufferers have digestive issues and over the years I’ve noticed that most of my fibro friends have IBS or other serious digestive concerns. When looking for solutions there is little help offered to people who deal with these debilitating problems each day.  Those of us who find it impossible to eat without immediate negative consequences — from simple bloating to severe pain and diarrhea — would like help and the GAPS diet appears to offer hope.

If anyone has had success using the GAPS diet, I hope you’ll post about your experiences.  I plan to share recipes as soon as I figure out how to mesh the GAP with my many food allergies.