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I wrote a post on the 15th about DMSO as a benign and effective delivery system for vitamin B-12. I tested it by dissolving pure B-12 in DMSO and applied it to the skin. The result was immediate and profound.  I felt great!!

Encouraged by this I began to research other uses for this amazing substance and discovered the most popular is DMSO applied as a painkiller.  It is especially good for acute injuries such as cuts, burns, sprains and breaks.   I broke my toe on March 1st and was in a lot of pain–that jarring/vibrating ache you get when you fracture a bone. I’ve been rubbing DMSO on the toe and it works. Almost no pain and I’m able to walk without limping, as long as my foot is encased in a shoe. I’m amazed at how effectively the DMSO has reduced the ache.

My poor toe was also seriously lacerated–the nail slashed and split– and the nail now sits on top of the mush that used to be the end of my second toe.  I decided to apply DMSO directly to the wound and the foot.  What did I have to lose? The pain relief was immediate and has continued to improve after each application. I could barely walk before the DMSO treatment and was forced to elevate my foot for much of the day. Now I’m walking normally.

I’ve read about DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide, and know that it has been both lauded by enlightened physicians and castigated by the FDA.  It is very cheap to produce, and therefore a substance the drug companies don’t want the mainstream medical community to utilize. It was first identified in the mid nineteenth century and its versatile capabilities were immediately studied.  It is also very benign and has no side effects, other than a mild burning sensation if you   have sensitive skin.  Pure DMSO also has a slightly garlicky odor, an annoying drawback, but one that is easy to live with given its efficacy.

Since using this incredible liquid, I’ve walked my dogs several times a day without any pain.  The toe is still a mess–crooked with a smashed nail–but it no longer hurts if it isn’t bent or rubbed hard by my shoe.  I was able to go to New York City last week and hike about with no limitations.  The DMSO also had a generalized pain relieving effect and so my hip joints and knees also gave me no trouble. Amazing!

For more information see: http://www.dmso.org/articles/information/muir.htm