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Image   I have had a great month vis-a-vis fibro pain, which has decreased a lot. This improvement is due to a number of things that I’ve been doing, thanks to Dr. Pawluk, my new holistic doctor who finds out what is wrong with his patients and then deals with those issues, rather than simply treating symptoms.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I have an underactive thyroid. The very small dose of prescription meds that I take to ramp up my thyroid has had a drastic impact on my energy levels. So has the very low dose of hydrocortisone, which I take for arthritic pain.  These meds have had a profound impact on me, yes, but I believe much of the improvement is due to the supplements I take each day.

I’ve been taking these supplements since late November, and it has been a slow, but distinct path toward wellness.  I am amazed at the difference in my energy levels, and in the difference in my digestion.  I’ve also been lucky enough to avoid all colds and flu, until I recently picked up a bacterial infection from a friend. Even that ran its course and dissapeared, rather than dragging on for months, as it would have in the past.

The most impressive changes have come from the “Almag,” machine–the pulsed magnetic therapy I do each day.  My Almag has four pulsating magnets that I place on my back, along the spine. If I have a specific problem, like my torn rotator cuffs, I position the magnets on that spot and spend at least 1/2 treating the problem area.  I believe the machine has increased my overall well being  and has given me back much of the energy I used to have. It has also decreased a lot of the arthritic pain and I can now walk and move as well as I did 20 years ago.

Thanks Dr. Pawluk!!!