I can’t believe how good I feel after years of suffering from acute pain.  I haven’t posted in a long time, because I’ve been busy and feeling great. And, I didn’t want to jinx my success.  It seemed that if I posted I might slip back into the abyss. However, I feel I need to share my good fortune with everyone out there who is still suffering from fibro and all of the related issues that make life unbearable.

Just over a year ago I started consulting with a naturopathic doctor, and I give him all the credit for my success.  It’s not that I don’t hurt at all, it’s that it is more than tolerable now. Most days I don’t even notice the minor pains I experience — twinges that would happen now and then to the healthiest person in their 60s.  I do have residual damage — like my knees that I can’t straighten!!!  I’ve lost 2 inches in height because of this and a lot of mobility.  No getting on my knees (except when the tax man brought me down on them, ha), no doing certain exercises because of loss of flexibility, and no bike riding at this point.

I try not to lament the lost years — decades — and concentrate instead on what I can do now. This is another reason I haven’t posted. I don’t want to slip back into negative thinking.  I’m now capable of working, of getting through the day without wishing I could just disappear, and I’m looking forward to finding a full-time job.  I’m working half time at this point, but only because the economy is wretched and I’m in my 60s.  I’m an art historian, and I was the consultant for a major, historic house project, but unfortunately the grant came to and end after 2 years.  I worked on this project while getting better, and because I worked locally, often at home on the computer, I was able to pull together the project while working about 20 hours per week. I even managed to travel to Washington, New York and Boston, although I limped through many of those research institutions. Too bad I didn’t feel as great as I do now.  Wow, I would have accomplished so much more.  Now I have a not so thrilling job, and it’s only 19 hours per week at bad pay. But, hey, it’s a job and I have to be grateful.  Anyone need an art historian out there?

Well, I’m off to work on eBay, where I sell antiquarian books.  Check out this link to see the new antique school books I’ve acquired: