I posted yesterday after a long hiatus.  I now want to start passing on the details of my astounding recovery to those of you still looking for methods to improve your life.


Yesterday I wrote about my doctor, Dr. William Pawluk, who gets all the credit for bringing me back to the living. He is an amazing, intuitive naturopathic healer who has come up with a combination of natural healing remedies and conventional prescriptions—

although only when absolutely necessary and at the lowest possible does.

He started out by having me take a raft of supplements to fill in the nutrition gaps, and to repair those things that had been depleted from years of intense pain.  He suggested basic blood tests to see if I was deficient in anything obvious.  I ended up taking more than 20 supplements a day, some for pain, others were nutritional supplements, and others were prescribed for sleep issues.

After a few months on this regimen I began to see a slight difference. We then moved on to pulsed magnetic therapy, with an Almag machine, which is an amazing device. I’ve written about this in past posts, and you’ll see in those posts that I received much pain relief and increased energy from religious use everyday.

Dr. Pawluk then decided to tinker with my borderline thyroid issues. He gave me two very small dose prescriptions for something that addressed both T-3 and T-4 deficiencies. It is amazing. In a couple of weeks I was a new person.  After changing the doses slightly, twice, I’ve come to the perfect combination and have more energy than I have had in my entire life.

Dr. P. also added a very low dose of hydrocortisone to the mix, which has “erased” the residual pain. The dose is so low that I don’t gain weight (as a matter of fact I’ve lost so much weight I’ve gone down 6 dress sizes) and I don’t have to urinate all the time.  Low dose but high gain, I’d say!

The next issue he addressed is food allergies. I had blood tests taken to determine what foods I’m allergic to. I could only afford one of the expensive blood tests, so we just tested for an immediate reaction to foods and spices. There is another series of tests that would determine the foods I’m allergic to that cause a delayed reaction. Maybe one day, when I find a full time job.  I discovered that I am mildly to moderately allergic to about 40 items. I cut out the most problematic immediately, like eggs, milk and wheat, and now I am almost pain free. I didn’t know how lousy I felt until I stopped eating these things. The pain is GONE, my asthma is GONE, my crunchy eyes, itchy skin, stomach and gut pain — ALL GONE.

Onward and upward is my motto for the New Year.  I’ll keep posting with my progress.  By the way, I ate a cookie at Christmas and was up all night with the most intense gut pain.  It was the combination of wheat, eggs, milk and sugar in one cookie whammy.  Never again, I’ve learned my lesson.

By the way, the painting at the top is called “Lima” and was painted by my artist husband, James Hennessey, in the 1980s.  I looked at it the other day and was reminded about my resolve to travel as much as possible in the New Year.

You can see two more of his beautiful paintings at: http://fineartsbaltimore.com/2012/12/29/insideoutside-views-by-the-painter-james-j-hennessey/